About Us

www.scholarshipinfo.in is an exclusive article website that provides the user’s oriented information regarding the newly launched State or Central Government scholarship schemes.  Every effort is made by us in order to provide each and single detail of newly launched scholarship details meant for SC, ST, OBC and other minority communities.

By providing details of scholarship schemes in a single platform, we save a lot of time for the students from wasting time while searching for this kind of information on the various online platforms. We have covered each detail of Scholarship Schemes such as- Pre–Metric Scholarship, Post-Metric Scholarship; Minority Community based Scholarships and others also.

This website will bring the best knowledge about the details of the scholarships among college students, especially to those belonging to the weaker sections of society. Students will be able to get some sort of financial assistance for pursuing or continuing their higher education by the government after enrolling under the various Scholarship Schemes as per their choice of requirement.

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