Privacy Policy

In order to protect the user’s personal information from getting accessed by the third-party cookies, a Privacy Policy has already been turned on our website: – Here, the Privacy Policy will provide you with the guarantee that your shared information on our website that has been collected through the cookies brought on the website will not be used for illegal purposes by unauthorized access.

Through this privacy policy, we will let you know what kind of personal information of the user we collect, why we collect it and where it gets stored and for which purpose does it used to get stored on our database.  But the main point of fact is that we never have used this user’s personal information for commercial purposes.

Kinds of Data We Collect

Kinds of data we collect through cookies are as follows: –


Privacy Policy collects the User’s Personal Information such as IP Address and your profile picture or photograph when you leave or enter comment in the comment section regarding the scheme that you have recently read on the website. IP address is collected in order to detect spam issues. After receiving your comments on our website, server get or fetch profile picture from your IP address through the comment which you have posted under the comment section.

Current Location

Another kind of personal data that the server may collect that is your current location. Your current location gets extract or collected when you upload a photograph having extension of .EXIF and .GPS. It may be happens when you post any relevant picture on the requisite section. So the user is advised that to no never upload images on the website containing your personal location. 

Auto Fill Entry

For providing easiness or handiness while making any kind of entry on the website/portal, cookies are already loaded on your chrome when you open and visit the website for reading articles. So may be possible, you will have to enter your credentials for accessing various services. At that time, cookies represent your previous entered entry for auto-fill choice.

External Links

While accessing and clicking on the links which has been provided on the website, the user have to click on any kind of links on their own responsibility. May be in any case the user have click on such kinds of unauthorized links, it may be redirect the user to the new page and it may also collect some of your personal information.

Types Of Cookies

There are 3 types of cookies. These are: –

Session Cookies

Session Cookies are the type of cookies which are only available for your computer when your visit and open the website for a period of duration. And it get delete or closed when you get exit from the website. But after that it may be able to also be getting available or opened on your chrome when you will once again visit the website.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent Cookies are the cookies that are only saved to your device on the chrome browser for a stipulated amount of time/duration of about 30 to 90 days and maybe up to 26 months for analytical performance. These cookies are saved for providing help to the user so that he/she can use this cookie for later browsing.

Third Party Cookies

Third-Party Cookies are the cookies that are set up by other organizations. These cookies are set up in order to provide the user understanding of the use of our sites. These cookies consist of external analytics. They are usually used for online-advertising purposes and are placed on websites by adding scripts or tags.