IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship 2024: Apply Online & Deadline

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The IIT Roorkee Sakuntala Fellowship, by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, provides financial aid to outstanding students at the institute. Named after the iconic figure Sakuntala from Indian mythology, it embodies values of knowledge and excellence. This prestigious program supports meritorious students in their pursuit of higher education.

This article will provide all types of information about the IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, important documents, etc. We will also share the process to Apply online for this fellowship. To get complete information about this fellowship, read this article till the end.

IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship          

The Sakuntala Fellowship underscores IIT Roorkee’s dedication to equitable education, irrespective of financial constraints. This initiative offers vital financial aid, enabling deserving students to access quality education and realize their full potential. Through this support, the fellowship ensures equal opportunities for all, aligning with IIT Roorkee’s mission of fostering talent and enabling academic excellence.

The IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship is a special program at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. It helps students who need money for their studies. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have much money. The program wants to give everyone a fair chance to study at IIT Roorkee. It’s named after a famous character from old stories in India.

IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship: Apply Online & Deadline

Highlights of IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship 2024

The highlights of this fellowship are as follows:- 

Name Of Fellowship IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship
Launched By IIT Roorkee
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology 
ObjectiveTo identify and support exceptional students with a passion for learning and research
Benefit This will foster a culture of innovation and research by encouraging students to explore new ideas
Applicable ToResidents of Roorkee
Beneficiaries Students
Mode Of TransferDBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanisme-payment mechanism or PFMS
Form of BenefitFinancial Assistance
Amount of benefitVariable Assistance
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Mode of ApplicationOnline 
Official WebsiteClick Here

Objectives of IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship 2024

The Sakuntala Fellowship has several key objectives that guide its mission and vision:

1. To identify and support exceptional students with a passion for learning and research.

2. To provide financial assistance to deserving students, enabling them to pursue higher education without the burden of financial constraints.

3. To foster a culture of innovation and research by encouraging students to explore new ideas and contribute to their respective fields.

4. To create a supportive and nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

5. To promote diversity and inclusivity by welcoming students from different backgrounds and cultures.

Beneficiary Category

The Sakuntala Fellowship is open to students from various beneficiary categories:

1. Undergraduate students pursuing a degree in engineering, science, or technology.

2. Postgraduate students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in any field of study.

3. Research scholars who are undertaking research projects at IIT Roorkee.

4. International students who meet the eligibility criteria and wish to pursue higher education at IIT Roorkee.

Application Enrollment and Last Dates

The application process for the Sakuntala Fellowship typically opens in the month of [Month] and closes in [Month]. Interested candidates can apply online through the official website of IIT Roorkee. It is important to note that late applications will not be accepted, so it is advisable to submit the application well before the deadline.

Selection Procedure

The selection process for the Sakuntala Fellowship is rigorous and highly competitive. It involves multiple stages to ensure that only the most deserving candidates are chosen:

1. Initial Screening: All applications are reviewed by a selection committee to shortlist candidates based on their academic achievements, research potential, and other relevant factors.

2. Written Test: Shortlisted candidates are required to appear for a written test, which assesses their knowledge, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities.

3. Personal Interview: Candidates who qualify in the written test are then called for a personal interview, where they are evaluated on their communication skills, research interests, and overall suitability for the fellowship.

4. Final Selection: The final selection is based on the combined performance of the candidates in the written test and the personal interview. The selected candidates are notified through email or other official communication channels.

Implementation Procedure

Once selected, the Sakuntala Fellows are provided with the necessary documentation and guidance to complete the implementation procedure:

1. Acceptance Letter: The selected candidates receive an official acceptance letter from IIT Roorkee, confirming their admission to the fellowship program.

2. Enrollment Process: The fellows are required to complete the enrollment process, which includes submitting the necessary documents and paying the prescribed fees.

3. Orientation Program: A comprehensive orientation program is conducted to familiarize the fellows with the institute, its facilities, and the expectations from the fellowship program.

4. Commencement of Studies: The fellows can then start their studies at IIT Roorkee, availing the benefits and opportunities provided by the Sakuntala Fellowship.

Supervision Body

The Sakuntala Fellowship is overseen by a dedicated supervision body consisting of faculty members and experts from various disciplines. This body ensures the smooth functioning of the fellowship program, monitors the progress of the fellows, and provides guidance and support whenever required. The supervision body plays a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of the fellowship and ensuring that the objectives are met effectively.

Key Guidelines of the Sakuntala Fellowship

The Sakuntala Fellowship follows certain guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency in the selection and implementation process:

  • Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria specified by IIT Roorkee.
  • Applications must be submitted online through the official website within the specified deadline.
  • Incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected.
  • The fellowship is subject to renewal based on the academic performance and conduct of the fellows.
  • Fellows are expected to maintain a minimum level of academic excellence throughout the duration of the fellowship.
  • Fellows are required to actively participate in research activities, seminars, and workshops conducted by IIT Roorkee.
  • Any misconduct or violation of the institute’s rules and regulations may lead to the termination of the fellowship.
  • Fellows are encouraged to publish their research work and participate in conferences and symposiums to showcase their achievements.
  • Fellows are expected to contribute to the academic and research community by sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • Fellows are required to submit periodic progress reports to the supervision body, highlighting their research work and accomplishments.

Important Instructions for Applicants

Here are some important instructions for applicants of the Sakuntala Fellowship:

  • Read the eligibility criteria and application guidelines carefully before applying.
  • Ensure that all the required documents are ready and in the specified format.
  • Double-check the application form for any errors or omissions before submitting.
  • Prepare for the written test and personal interview by reviewing the relevant subjects and practicing mock interviews.
  • Be prepared to provide additional information or documentation if requested by the selection committee.
  • Keep track of the important dates and deadlines related to the fellowship.
  • Seek guidance from mentors or professors if needed during the application process.
  • Submit the application well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute technical issues.
  • Check the official website or communication channels for updates or notifications regarding the fellowship.
  • Stay positive and confident throughout the selection process, showcasing your passion and dedication towards your chosen field.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Application

Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your chances of securing the Sakuntala Fellowship:

  • Highlight your academic achievements, research experience, and any notable contributions to your field of study.
  • Emphasize your research interests and explain how the fellowship will help you achieve your goals.
  • Showcase your leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and any extracurricular activities that demonstrate your well-rounded personality.
  • Provide strong letters of recommendation from professors or mentors who can vouch for your capabilities and potential.
  • Write a compelling statement of purpose that reflects your passion, motivation, and long-term aspirations.
  • Customize your application to align with the objectives and values of the Sakuntala Fellowship.
  • Proofread your application thoroughly to eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Be authentic and genuine in your application, avoiding any exaggeration or false claims.
  • Prepare well for the written test and personal interview by practicing previous question papers and seeking feedback from experts.
  • Stay updated with the latest advancements and research in your field to showcase your knowledge and enthusiasm during the interview.

General Points to Remember

Here are some general points to remember throughout your journey as a Sakuntala Fellow:

  • Make the most of the opportunities and resources provided by IIT Roorkee to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Engage in meaningful collaborations and discussions with fellow students and faculty members to broaden your horizons.
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance by allocating time for personal interests and hobbies.
  • Seek guidance and support from your mentors whenever needed.
  • Stay motivated and persevere through challenges, remembering the purpose and significance of the Sakuntala Fellowship.
  • Give back to society by utilizing your knowledge and skills for the betterment of the community.
  • Stay connected with the Sakuntala Fellowship alumni network to build valuable connections and seek guidance for future endeavors.
  • Continue learning and exploring new avenues even after completing the fellowship, keeping the spirit of Sakuntala alive within you.
  • Share your success stories and experiences with others to inspire and motivate aspiring students.
  • Remember that the Sakuntala Fellowship is not just a financial support program but a platform for personal and academic growth.

Hands-On Experience

One of the key benefits of the fellowship is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field. Participants will have the chance to work on projects that are directly related to their area of interest, giving them valuable practical experience that they can apply to future roles.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is crucial in the world of engineering and technology, and the fellowship provides ample opportunities for participants to connect with industry professionals. From networking events to mentorship programs, participants will have the chance to forge valuable connections that can help them in their future careers.

Skill Development

In addition to hands-on experience and networking opportunities, the fellowship also offers participants the chance to develop their skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Whether it’s learning a new programming language or honing their project management skills, participants will have access to resources and guidance to help them grow and succeed.


Mentorship is a key component of the fellowship, with participants being paired with industry professionals who can provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the program. This mentorship can be invaluable in helping participants navigate the challenges of the industry and build successful careers.

Resume Booster

Participating in the fellowship is a great way to boost your resume and stand out to potential employers. Employers value practical experience and skills, and having the fellowship on your resume can demonstrate your commitment to professional development and excellence.

Exposure to New Technologies

The field of engineering and technology is constantly evolving, with new technologies and innovations emerging all the time. By participating in the fellowship, participants will have the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies and stay ahead of the curve in their field.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is key in the world of engineering and technology, and the fellowship emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. Participants will have the chance to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, sharing ideas and working together to achieve common goals.

Flexible Schedule

The fellowship offers a flexible schedule that can accommodate the needs of busy students and recent graduates. Whether you have classes or other commitments, this program allows you to balance your workload and personal life while still gaining valuable experience.

Professional Development

Professional development is a key focus of the fellowship, with participants receiving guidance and support to help them grow and succeed in their careers. From workshops to seminars, participants will have access to resources that can help them develop their professional skills and competencies.

Potential for Full-Time Employment

Many participants in the fellowship go on to secure full-time employment in the industry after completing the program. Employers often look favorably on candidates who have completed prestigious fellowship programs, making the fellowship a great stepping stone towards a successful career.

IIT Roorkee PhD Admission Brochure

For those interested in pursuing a PhD at IIT Roorkee, the PhD admission brochure provides essential information on the admission process, rules, and regulations. Prospective students can find detailed instructions on how to apply, the selection criteria, and the deadlines for submission. It is crucial for applicants to familiarize themselves with the contents of the brochure to ensure a smooth application process.

IIT Roorkee MBA Login

If you are considering pursuing an MBA at IIT Roorkee, you can access the MBA login portal to begin the application process. The login portal provides a user-friendly interface for applicants to create an account, submit their application, and track the status of their admission. By utilizing the MBA login portal, aspiring MBA students can streamline the application process and stay informed about their application progress.

IIT Roorkee PhD Rules and Regulations

Once admitted to the PhD program at IIT Roorkee, students are required to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the institute. These rules cover various aspects of the PhD journey, including coursework requirements, research guidelines, and academic conduct. It is essential for PhD students to familiarize themselves with these rules and regulations to ensure a successful and fulfilling academic experience at IIT Roorkee.

Benefits & Features of IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship

The benefits and features of this fellowship are as follows:-

  • Financial Support: The fellowship provides financial assistance to deserving students, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses.
  • Mentorship Program: Fellows will have access to experienced mentors who will guide them throughout their academic journey.
  • Research Opportunities: The fellowship opens doors to cutting-edge research projects and collaborations with renowned academics.
  • Networking: Students will have the chance to connect with industry experts and fellow scholars, expanding their professional network.
  • Skill Development: Through workshops and training sessions, fellows will enhance their skills and competencies.
  • Global Exposure: The fellowship may include opportunities for international conferences, exchange programs, and study tours.
  • Community Engagement: Fellows will be encouraged to give back to the community through social initiatives and outreach programs.
  • Career Support: The fellowship offers career counseling, resume building workshops, and job placement assistance.
  • Personal Growth: Through various enrichment activities, students will grow personally and academically.
  • Prestige: Being a recipient of the IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship is a prestigious recognition that will enhance your academic and professional profile.

Eligibility Criteria for IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship

Follow the below-mentioned points to apply online:-

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time program at IIT Roorkee.
  • Students from all disciplines are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence and a strong passion for their field of study.
  • Financial need may also be taken into consideration during the selection process.

Important Documents 

Some of the important documents needed to attach are as follows:-

  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Financial aid documents (if applicable)
  • Any additional documents requested by the selection committee

IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship Apply Online 2024

To Apply online, follow the below-mentioned points:-

  • Visit the IIT Roorkee website: https://iitr.ac.in/Academics/SAKUNTALA.html
  • Do not choose the general doctoral program admission option.
  • Look for the specific “Ph.D. degree admission under the Sakuntala fellowship program” link.
  • Click “Apply Online” and the application form will open.
  • Fill out the application form with details like:
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Email
    • Phone number
  • Complete the form and upload all required documents.
  • Carefully review your application for any missing or incorrect information.
  • Click “Submit” to submit your application and print a copy for your records.

Top 10 FAQs About IIT Roorkee SAKUNTALA Fellowship

  • Can international students apply for the fellowship?
    • Yes, international students enrolled at IIT Roorkee are also eligible to apply for the fellowship.
  • Is the fellowship renewable?
    • The fellowship may be renewable based on academic performance and other criteria set by the selection committee.
  • How many fellowships are awarded each year?
    • The number of fellowships awarded each year may vary depending on the availability of funds and the quality of applicants.
  • Are part-time students eligible for the fellowship?
    • Unfortunately, only full-time students are eligible to apply for the fellowship.
  • Can I apply for the fellowship in multiple years?
    • Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria each year, you can apply for the fellowship multiple times.
  • Do I need to maintain a minimum GPA to retain the fellowship?
    • Yes, academic performance may be a factor in renewing the fellowship.
  • Are there specific research areas that the fellowship supports?
    • The fellowship is open to students from all disciplines, and research areas may vary.
  • Can I use the fellowship funds for personal expenses?
    • The fellowship funds are intended for educational and academic purposes only.
  • How will I be notified if I am selected for the fellowship?
    • Selected candidates will be notified via email or through official communication from the fellowship committee.
  • Is the fellowship competitive?
    • Yes, the fellowship is highly competitive, and applicants are encouraged to submit a strong application showcasing their achievements and aspirations.

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