Polygon Fellowship 2024: Apply Online, Application Form & All Details

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With the active collaboration of the Devfolio and Polygon Team, the Polygon Fellowship has been launched to provide jobs or employment to thousands or lakhs of people so that they will be able to explore their careers in the w3 technology field after getting the scholarship amount. Citizens will not have to run for training and experience to get jobs.

Today through this article we will provide you with all types of information about the Polygon Fellowship 2024 like Purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features and important Documents etc. Apart from this, we will share with you the process of applying online for this fellowship. To get complete information about this fellowship initiative, read this article till the end.

Polygon Fellowship 2024

Students who want to find and start their career in Web3 technology can begin their profession after getting enrolled under the Polygon Fellowship. Relevant and sufficient knowledge will be provided to the students regarding the dApps so that they will be able to understand the technology trends of Web3 industries.

The Polygon Team has launched the Polygon Fellowship so that the students hoping to continue and begin their careers in the Web3 industries will be able to do so after getting the training and education skills with the help of scholarship amounts provided to them. The main focus will be to redress the unemployment issues.

Polygon Fellowship: Apply Online, Application Form & All Details

Highlights Of Polygon Fellowship 

The highlights of this fellowship are as follows: –

Name Of The Fellowship Polygon Fellowship 
Launched ByPolygon Team
Association Body Devfolio
ObjectiveTo redress the unemployment issues 
Benefit Students will be able to begin their careers in the W3 technology 
Applicable To Citizens of India
Beneficiaries Students 
Beneficiary CategoryBeginners and Intermediate
Student CategoryStudents joining Web3 technology courses 
Mode Of TransferDBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanisme-payment mechanism
Form of BenefitFellowship amount 
No. of Dapps 19K+ 
Tracks OfferedWeb3 Beginner Track & Web3 Builder Track
Amount of benefit$1500 & $3000
Course Name Web3 Technology Course 
Course Tenure 8 Week Course 
Last Date Of Form Submission Will be updated soon
Transferral Basis One Time Payment 
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Mode Of ApplicationOnline 
Phone Number 01480442327
Email AddressSupport@polygon.io
Official Websitewww.polygon.technology

Objectives Of Polygon Fellowship 

The main objective of launching the Polygon Fellowship is to redress the unemployment issues and gaps among the students not being able to get jobs due to lack of training and experience. But after getting this scholarship amount, they will be able to start and begin their career in w3 technology and may also be able to acquire knowledge about Decentralized applications(dApps).

Another objective of launching the Polygon Fellowship is to provide financial assistance to talented applicants so that they will be enabled to create technology after getting training, mentorship, and form of rewards. This will also bridge the gaps between talented applicants and web technology. The course duration will be 8 weeks.

Polygon Fellowship Timelines 

The timelines of this fellowship are as follows:- 

Event Date
Opening of Fresh Registration Forms Will be updated soon
Last Date to Apply Online Will be updated soon
Opening of Courses Will be updated soon

Polygon Fellowship Statistics

The statistics of this fellowship are as follows:- 

Total Transaction1.6 B
Total Matic Staked 4B
Contact Creators 52K+
Aug Daily Gasa Saved $140M
Active Validators 100
Unique Addresses 135M+ 
Delegators on PoS 1.6B

Offered Tracks/Courses

The lists of offered tracks or courses are as follows:-

  • Web3 Beginner Track
  • Web3 Builder Track

Track/Course Wise Stipend Amount

The stipend amount given for each track or course is as follows:-

Track/CourseStipend Amount
Web3 Beginner Track$1500/-
Web3 Builder Track$3000/-

Redressal Of Unemployment Issues 

After the adoption of a training and mentorship program for providing social welfare to the students to remove the gaps in unemployment issues, this scholarship will try to provide job placement to the students undertaking such courses. The students will not need to run for undertaking training and experience-based courses in search of jobs provided to them.

Facilitation of Mentorship & Support

Students will be able to build the decentralized apps on the polygon blockchain smoothly because this fellowship will also provide mentorship and expert support for providing expert assistance to the fellows. The duration of the course will consist of 56 days. The variable fellowship amount will be provided based on the course or track undertaken by the fellow.

Polygon Profile 

The profile of the polygon is as follows:- 

No. of Dapps 19K+ 
Unique Users 130M+ 
Daily Transactions 3M+ 
Transactions Since Inception 3.4B+ 

Selection Procedure

The selection process for the Polygon Fellowship is rigorous and thorough. It is designed to identify individuals who demonstrate exceptional creativity, innovation, and potential in the field of design and architecture.

  • Applications for the fellowship are invited from aspiring designers and architects from around the world. The application process involves submitting a comprehensive portfolio showcasing the applicant’s previous work, along with a statement of purpose explaining their goals and aspirations.
  • Once the applications are received, a panel of experts comprising renowned designers, architects, and industry professionals carefully review each submission. They evaluate the portfolios based on various criteria such as originality, technical proficiency, conceptual clarity, and the potential for future growth.
  • Shortlisted candidates are then invited for an interview, where they have the opportunity to present their work and discuss their ideas with the selection committee. The interview process provides a platform for the candidates to showcase their skills, articulate their design philosophy, and demonstrate their ability to think critically and creatively.
  • After the interviews, the selection committee deliberates and selects the final fellows who will be offered the Polygon Fellowship. The chosen candidates are notified of their selection, and they are provided with the necessary information and guidelines for the next steps of the program.

Implementation Procedure

Once selected, the fellows embark on an immersive journey of learning, collaboration, and exploration. The implementation procedure of the Polygon Fellowship is designed to provide the fellows with a supportive and enriching environment to further develop their skills and ideas.

  • The fellowship program spans a period of one year, during which the fellows have access to state-of-the-art facilities, resources, and mentorship from experts in the field. They are encouraged to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, participate in workshops and seminars, and undertake independent research projects.
  • The implementation procedure also includes regular progress evaluations, where the fellows have the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from their mentors and peers. These evaluations help in tracking the fellows’ growth and ensure that they are making the most of their fellowship experience.
  • Throughout the program, the fellows are encouraged to push the boundaries of design and architecture, experiment with new ideas, and challenge conventional norms. The implementation procedure aims to foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and critical thinking among the fellows.

Supervision Body

The Polygon Fellowship is overseen by a dedicated and experienced supervision body. This body comprises experts and professionals from various fields of design and architecture who provide guidance, mentorship, and support to the fellows throughout their fellowship journey.

  • The supervision body plays a crucial role in shaping the overall direction and objectives of the fellowship program. They work closely with the fellows, offering valuable insights, sharing industry knowledge, and helping them navigate the complexities of the design and architecture profession.
  • Additionally, the supervision body organizes regular workshops, lectures, and networking events, where the fellows have the opportunity to interact with renowned designers, architects, and thought leaders. These interactions further enrich the fellows’ learning experience and help them build valuable connections within the industry.

Course Outlines

The outlines or details of the course are as follows:-

Course Name Web3 Technology Course 
Course Duration8 Week (56 Days)
Scholarship Duration56 Days

Fellowship Progress Report

The progress report of the fellowship is as follows:-

Dapps Hosts Now19,000
No of Unique User Addresses Received Now$135 Million
TVL$5 Million

Benefits Of Polygon Fellowship 

The benefits of this fellowship are as follows:- 

  • Students will be able to explore their careers in W3 Technology after getting enrolled under the Polygon Fellowship.
  • This course will be provided to the students for 56 days. 
  • Students will also be able to get grants in the $ currency unit. 
  • Free-of-cost training, as well as mentorship, will be provided to the students to provide better counselling. 
  • Fellows will be offered 2 kinds of courses for joining.
  • Students who have joined the Web3 Beginner Track will be given the $1500/-.
  • A Monthly Stipend of $3000/- will be provided to the students carrying out the Web3 Builder Track.
  • After becoming a member or part of Polygon, the students will be able to raise their profile and contribute to the growing polygon ecosystem with their brilliant thoughts.
  • One can apply online under the Polygon Fellowship before the last date.
  • Thousands of students will be able to fulfil their dreams. 

Features Of Polygon Fellowship 

The features of this fellowship are as follows:- 

  • The Polygon team has launched the Polygon Fellowship.
  • This fellowship will provide scholarship amounts to the students for undertaking w3 technology-based courses.
  • There are around 2 kinds of tracks or courses that will be offered to the fellows for joining.
  • A monthly stipend of $1500/- will be provided to the students carrying out the Web3 Beginner Track.
  • Students carrying out Web3 Builder Track will be offered an amount of $3,000/- in the form of a stipend.
  • The duration of the course will be 8 weeks. 
  • This course will include or cover the mentorship and training course content for the students. 
  • The main focus will be to redress the unemployment issues or gaps. 
  • The last date to apply online under the Polygon Fellowship will be updated soon. 
  • A target of developing 5.8 million developers has been set up or fixed by the government. 

Polygon Fellowship Eligibility Criteria 

The applicants will need to possess the mentioned-below eligibility criteria for getting online registration under this fellowship:- 

  • The student must be an Indian Citizen.
  • The student must be an intermediate or beginner. 
  • Students must acquire expression and representation skills which will be mandatory for the selection procedure. 
  • The student must belong to the technical field according to his/her educational qualification wise. 
  • Students will need to invest their 40 Hours Per week according to the course duration. 

Important Documents 

Some of the important documents to apply online under this scholarship are as follows:- 

  • Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letters
  • CV or Resume
  • DOB Certificate
  • Scanned Copy of the Passport
  • Other Documents (if any)

Process To Apply Online Under Polygon Fellowship 

As this fellowship has been recently launched, no such information has been received by using social networking resources. As soon as any information related to the application procedure required to apply online under the Polygon Fellowship is launched, we will update you through this article otherwise the applicant can visit the Official Website.

Process To Apply Online Under Polygon Fellowship 

Contact Information 

In case any queries and questions come to your mind regarding the Polygon Fellowship, then you may contact this mentioned below phone number and Email ID:- 

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