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The Uttar Pradesh state has introduced the Sambhav portal, offering residents a convenient platform to register complaints against various departments without the need for physical visits. With the aim of enhancing administrative efficiency, this initiative streamlines complaint registration, login processes, and provides status updates. By accessing, citizens can seamlessly engage with the system, ensuring their grievances are addressed promptly and effectively.

This article will provide all types of information about the SAMBHAV Portal 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, important documents, etc. We will also share the process to apply online for this portal. To get complete information about this portal, read this article till the end.

SAMBHAV Portal          

On May 18, 2022, the Uttar Pradesh government launched the SAMBHAV Portal. It helps people get info on state projects and policies. Residents can also file complaints online. SAMBHAV means Systematic Administrative Mechanism for Bringing Happiness and Value. This site aims to make things clear for Uttar Pradesh residents. Visit the official site to register and learn more.

The SAMBHAV Portal, created by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, ensures transparency in state program development. It provides updates on schemes without physical visits. Register on the official site to file complaints against individuals or government departments. Launched recently, the portal is now active for all Uttar Pradesh residents to use for complaint filing. Access the official website to file your complaints conveniently.

SAMBHAV Portal: Apply Online & Login

Highlights of SAMBHAV Portal 2024

The highlights of this portal are as follows:- 

Name Of Portal SAMBHAV Portal
Launched By Central Govt
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology 
ObjectiveTo centralize the application process
Benefit This will ensure transparency in the selection and distribution of scholarships
Applicable To Citizens of India
Beneficiaries Students from various categories
Mode Of TransferDBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanisme-payment mechanism or PFMS
Form of BenefitFinancial Assistance
Amount of benefitVariable Assistance
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Mode Of ApplicationOnline 
Official WebsiteClick Here

Objectives of SAMBHAV Portal 2024

The SAMBHAV Portal has several key objectives:-

  • Streamlining the scholarship application process:- The portal aims to centralize the application process, making it easier for students to apply for scholarships offered by various departments and organizations.
  • Promoting transparency:- The portal ensures transparency in the selection and distribution of scholarships, eliminating any biases or discrepancies.
  • Encouraging higher education:- By providing scholarships and benefits, the portal aims to motivate students to pursue higher education and overcome financial barriers.
  • Empowering students:- The SAMBHAV Portal empowers students by providing them with equal opportunities for scholarships and benefits, regardless of their background or location.

Now, let’s explore the different beneficiary categories that can avail the benefits of the SAMBHAV Portal.

Beneficiary Category

The portal caters to a wide range of beneficiary categories, including:-

  • Students from economically weaker sections
  • Students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST)
  • Students with disabilities
  • Minority communities
  • Women and girl child

Now that we have covered the beneficiary categories, let’s move on to the application enrollment and last dates.

Application Enrollment and Last Dates

The SAMBHAV Portal provides a specific enrollment period for students to apply for scholarships and benefits. The last dates for enrollment vary depending on the scholarship scheme. It is essential for students to stay updated with the portal and submit their applications within the specified timeframe.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for scholarships on the SAMBHAV Portal follows a fair and transparent process. The criteria for selection vary depending on the scholarship scheme. Generally, the selection is based on factors such as academic performance, financial need, and other specific requirements mentioned in the scholarship guidelines.

Implementation Procedure

Once the scholarships are awarded, the implementation procedure ensures efficient disbursement of funds to the selected students. The SAMBHAV Portal manages the entire process, from verifying the documents to transferring the funds directly to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

Supervision Body

The SAMBHAV Portal is supervised by a designated authority appointed by the Government of India. This authority ensures the smooth functioning of the portal, monitors the application process, and addresses any grievances or concerns raised by the students.

Key Guidelines

Here are some key guidelines to keep in mind while applying for scholarships through the SAMBHAV Portal:-

  • Read the eligibility criteria and guidelines carefully before applying.
  • Ensure all the required documents are scanned and ready for upload.
  • Provide accurate and complete information in the application form.
  • Double-check the application before submitting to avoid any errors.
  • Keep a copy of the submitted application for future reference.
  • Check the portal regularly for updates and notifications.
  • Follow the specified format and size for document uploads.
  • Keep track of the last dates for enrollment and submission.
  • Seek assistance from the helpline or designated authorities in case of any queries.
  • Be patient and wait for the official communication regarding the status of the application.

Important Instructions

Here are some important instructions to follow during the application process:-

  • Do not provide false information or documents.
  • Do not engage in any fraudulent activities or attempts to manipulate the system.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of your fellow applicants.
  • Do not share your login credentials with anyone.
  • Keep all the original documents ready for verification if required.
  • Do not submit multiple applications for the same scholarship scheme.
  • Report any technical issues or glitches to the helpline or designated authorities.
  • Adhere to the code of conduct and guidelines specified by the SAMBHAV Portal.
  • Do not indulge in any form of harassment or discrimination on the portal.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the portal for document verification and approval.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your chances of securing a scholarship through the SAMBHAV Portal:-

  • Start the application process well in advance to avoid last-minute rush.
  • Research and understand the specific requirements of each scholarship scheme.
  • Highlight your achievements, extracurricular activities, and community involvement in the application.
  • Write a compelling and sincere statement of purpose, if required.
  • Seek guidance from teachers, mentors, or professionals in the field.
  • Proofread your application to ensure clarity and correctness.
  • Prepare for interviews or additional selection rounds, if applicable.
  • Stay positive and motivated throughout the application process.
  • Apply for multiple scholarships to increase your chances of success.
  • Keep track of the scholarship results and follow up if necessary.

General Points to Remember

Here are some general points to remember while using the SAMBHAV Portal:-

  • Regularly update your contact information on the portal.
  • Keep your login credentials secure and confidential.
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the portal.
  • Keep a record of all the communication and correspondence related to the scholarships.
  • Do not share any personal or sensitive information on public forums or social media.
  • Stay informed about the latest scholarship schemes and updates on the portal.
  • Be proactive in seeking assistance or clarifications from the helpline or designated authorities.
  • Make the most of the opportunities provided by the SAMBHAV Portal to achieve your educational goals.

Document Verification and Approval

The SAMBHAV Portal follows a rigorous process for document verification and approval. Selected students will be required to submit their original documents for verification. Once the documents are verified, the approval process will be initiated, and the scholarships will be disbursed accordingly.

Renewal of Scholarship

Students who have been awarded scholarships through the SAMBHAV Portal may be eligible for renewal in subsequent years. The renewal process will require students to fulfill certain criteria and provide updated documents as per the guidelines specified by the scholarship scheme.

Single Sign-On

The portal provides a convenient single sign-on feature, allowing users to access multiple services and applications with a single set of login credentials. This eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords, streamlining the user experience and increasing efficiency.

Mobile Compatibility

The portal is designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that users can access its features and services on the go. Whether using a smartphone or a tablet, users can conveniently access the portal from any location, making it a flexible and accessible platform.


The portal offers a range of electronic forms (e-forms) that enable users to conveniently submit information and requests online. These forms are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, simplifying the process of submitting various types of information and reducing paperwork.

Document Upload Facility

With the document upload facility, users can securely upload and submit documents directly through the portal. This eliminates the need for physical document submission, reducing paperwork and streamlining processes.

Notification Alerts

The SAMBHAV Portal provides notification alerts to keep users informed about important updates, deadlines, and events. These alerts can be customized based on user preferences, ensuring that users receive relevant information in a timely manner.

Service Catalog

The portal features a service catalog that provides users with a comprehensive list of available services. Users can easily browse through the catalog to find the services they need, simplifying the process of accessing and requesting various services.

Search Functionality

The portal offers a powerful search functionality that allows users to quickly find the information they are looking for. Whether searching for specific services, documents, or resources, users can easily navigate through the portal and locate the desired information.

Online Payment

The SAMBHAV Portal facilitates online payments, allowing users to conveniently make payments for various services and transactions. This secure and efficient payment system eliminates the need for manual payment processing, saving time and effort for both users and administrators.

Information Center

The SAMBHAV Portal serves as an information center, providing users with access to a wealth of resources, guidelines, and FAQs. Users can find answers to common questions, access important documents, and stay updated on relevant information through the portal’s information center.

Helpdesk Support

The SAMBHAV Portal offers dedicated helpdesk support to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter. Users can reach out to the helpdesk team for technical assistance, guidance, and troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience.

Addressing Public Grievances – Timings

The timelines of this service are as follows:-

Executive Engineer (EE)Every Monday, 10 AM – 12 PM
Superintending Engineer (SE) (Circle Level)Every Monday, 3 PM – 5 PM
MD of Each DiscomEvery Tuesday, 10 AM – 12 PM
Minister & High-Level OfficersEvery Third Wednesday of the Month, 12 PM

List of Services Available

The list of offered services are as follows:-

State ProjectsState Government Infrastructure Projects
ProgramsProgrammes/ Flagship Schemes of the State Government
Individual GrievancesGrievances received from various State Government portals
Policy MattersGrievances and suggestions related to departmental policies
Departmental IssuesGrievances related to functioning within the Department of Energy or Urban Development

Energy Department List

The list of energy department are as follows:-


Benefits of SAMBHAV Portal 2024

The benefits of this portal are as follows:-

  • Convenience: With the SAMBHAV Portal, citizens can access a wide range of government services from the comfort of their homes.
  • Time-saving: By eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices, the portal saves time for both citizens and government officials.
  • Transparency: The portal provides transparency in the application process, ensuring that citizens are informed about the status of their requests.
  • Cost-effective: SAMBHAV Portal reduces the need for paperwork and manual processes, resulting in cost savings for both citizens and the government.
  • User-friendly Interface: The portal is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for even non-tech-savvy individuals to navigate.
  • Accessibility: Citizens from remote areas can easily access government services through the portal, bridging the urban-rural divide.
  • Security: The portal ensures the security of citizens’ data, safeguarding their personal information from unauthorized access.
  • Feedback Mechanism: SAMBHAV Portal allows citizens to provide feedback on the services they receive, enabling government bodies to improve service quality.
  • Integration of Services: The portal integrates multiple government services, allowing citizens to avail of various services through a single platform.
  • Empowerment: SAMBHAV Portal empowers citizens by giving them direct access to government services, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Features Of SAMBHAV Portal 2024

The features of this portal are as follows:-

  • Single Sign-On: Citizens can log in to the portal using a single set of credentials, reducing the hassle of managing multiple accounts.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The portal is compatible with mobile devices, enabling citizens to access services on the go.
  • E-forms: SAMBHAV Portal provides e-forms for various government services, simplifying the application process.
  • Document Upload Facility: Citizens can upload relevant documents directly on the portal, eliminating the need for physical document submission.
  • Notification Alerts: Users receive real-time alerts and notifications regarding the status of their applications.
  • Service Catalog: The portal offers a comprehensive service catalog, listing all available government services for easy access.
  • Search Functionality: Citizens can search for specific services using keywords, making it easy to locate the services they need.
  • Online Payment: SAMBHAV Portal enables online payment for certain services, allowing for secure and convenient transactions.
  • Information Center: The portal features an information center with FAQs and guides to assist users in navigating the platform.
  • Helpdesk Support: Users can reach out to a dedicated helpdesk for assistance with any queries or issues they may encounter.

SAMBHAV Portal Eligibility Criteria 

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online for this portal:-

  • Must be a citizen of India
  • Must have a valid email ID and mobile number
  • Must adhere to the terms and conditions of the portal
  • Must provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process

Important Documents 

Some of the important documents required to apply online for this portal are as follows:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Income Certificate 
  • Educational Certificates 
  • Bank Account Details 
  • Latest Passport Size Photos 
  • Mobile No
  • Email ID 

SAMBHAV Portal Apply Online 2024

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online:-

  • Visit the SAMBHAV portal website and create an account. You may need to provide your personal information such as name, contact details, etc.
SAMBHAV Portal Apply Online 2024
  • Browse through the available programs or services on the portal and select the one you wish to apply for.
  • Click on the program/service and carefully read the eligibility criteria, requirements, and application procedure.
  • Fill out the application form with accurate information and necessary documents as requested.
  • Review your application before submitting to ensure all details are correct.
  • Submit your application through the portal and wait for confirmation or updates from the SAMBHAV team.
  • If your application is successful, you will be notified about the next steps and any further requirements.
  • Make sure to follow up on any additional instructions or requests from the SAMBHAV team to complete the application process successfully.

To Do Login

To login, follow the below-given points:-

  • Visit the SAMBHAV Portal website (link provided).
  • Click on the “Sign In” button on the homepage.
  • A login dialog box will appear.
  • Enter your registered email address and password.
  • Type the captcha code displayed.
  • Click “Login” to access the SAMBHAV Portal dashboard.

Top 10 FAQs about SAMBHAV Portal

What is the Portal?
The Portal is an online platform launched by the government to facilitate interactions between citizens and various government departments. It aims to provide a one-stop solution for citizens to avail of different services and access information easily.
How can I access the Portal?
To access the Portal, you can visit the official website and create an account using your Aadhar number. Once registered, you can log in and navigate through the portal to avail of different services.
What services are available on the Portal?
The Portal offers a wide range of services, including applying for various certificates, accessing government schemes, paying bills, and obtaining information related to government departments.
Is the Portal secure?
Yes, the Portal prioritizes data security and ensures that all information provided by users is kept secure and confidential. The portal follows strict security measures to safeguard user data.
Can I track my applications on the Portal?
Yes, the Portal allows users to track their applications in real-time. You can check the status of your applications and receive updates on the progress of your requests.
Are there any fees for using the Portal?
The services provided on the Portal may be subject to nominal fees, depending on the type of service availed. Users will be notified of any applicable charges before proceeding with their applications.
How can I provide feedback on the Portal?
Users can provide feedback on the Portal by accessing the dedicated feedback section on the website. Your suggestions and comments are valuable in improving the portal’s functionality and user experience.
Can I avail of customer support on the Portal?
Yes, the Portal offers customer support services to address any queries or issues faced by users. You can reach out to the customer support team through the contact details provided on the portal.
Is the Portal available in multiple languages?
Yes, the Portal is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to a wide audience. Users can choose their preferred language from the options available on the portal to navigate and avail of services conveniently.

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