|TN| Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2024: Application Form, Eligibility & Last Date

Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2024 Application Form & Last Date | Pudhumai Penn Scheme Check Scholarship Amount & Eligibility | Pudhumai Penn Scheme Check Eligible Classes & Budget Amount | Pudhumai Penn Scheme Check Selection Procedure & All Details |

Female students in Tamil Nadu will receive a monthly scholarship payment of Rs. 1,000 under the TN Pudhumai Penn Scheme. This initiative aims to provide educational opportunities on par with boys, ensuring continued support until the completion of their ongoing degree. Female students across various beneficiary categories benefit from this scheme, empowering them to pursue their academic aspirations without financial barriers.

Today through this article we will provide you with all types of information about the Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2024 like purpose, eligibility criteria, benefits, features and important documents etc. Apart from this, we will share with you the process of applying online under this scheme. To get complete information about this scheme, read this article till the end.

Pudhumai Penn Scheme

Female students residing in Tamil Nadu can benefit from the Pudhumai Penn Scheme initiated by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin. This scholarship provides funds of Rs. 1,000 to support female students enrolled in higher education institutions. Eligible beneficiaries include female students from various classes pursuing higher education within the state of Tamil Nadu.

Under the TN Pudhumai Penn Scheme, the Tamil Nadu government aims to provide a monthly financial aid package of Rs. 1,000 to 6 lakh female students. To ensure successful implementation, a budget of Rs. 698 crores has been allocated by the government. This initiative exclusively supports female students, empowering them to pursue their educational goals without financial constraints.

|TN| Pudhumai Penn Scheme: Online Registration & Eligibility

Highlights of Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2024

The highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

Name Of The Scheme Pudhumai Penn Scheme
Launched ByCM of Tamilnadu M.K. Stalin 
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology
ObjectiveTo improve and upgrade the Gross Enrollment Ratio among girl students
BenefitGirls will get qualitative education
Applicable toCitizens of Tamilnadu
Beneficiary CategoryGirl Students
Beneficiary Limit6 Lakhs
Eligible ClassesClass 6th to Class 12th 
Eligible Degrees or CoursesUG, PG, Diploma or ITI Courses
Mode of TransferDBT
Payment MechanismE-Payment Mechanism
Form of BenefitScholarship Amount
Amount of BenefitRs. 1,000/-
Budget AmountRs. 698 Crore
Selection Parameters Beneficiary Category and Financial Background
Transferable TypeMonthly Basis
Host SiteNIC (National Information Centre)
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Official Websitewww.pudhumaipenn.tn.gov.in

Objectives of Pudhumai Penn Scheme

The primary objective of launching the TN Pudhumai Penn Scheme is to enhance and bring some improvement in the Gross Enrollment Ratio in government schools so that more and more girls will be empowered for carrying out studies with the help of scholarship amounts given to them. Students will be offered scholarship amounts each month.

Another objective of launching the Pudhumai Penn Scheme is to provide a scholarship amount of Rs. 1,000/- every month to the parents of a girl child so that they will be able to send their daughters to study in school. This will address the problems of those families who can’t enroll their daughters in school due to financial problems.

Beneficiary Category

The students will need to know in advance regarding the beneficiary category before applying for this scheme because it is the beneficiary category that marks the selection of the student for getting the scholarship amounts. This scheme will be applicable only to the girl students pursuing schooling or courses from Tamilnadu-recognized educational institutions.

Beneficiary Limit

The beneficiaries will be given scholarship enrollment according to the beneficiary enrollment limitation set up by the selection body. A target of covering around 6 lakhs of female students has been set up who will be able to get financial assistance provided by the government. The budget amount has also been set up.

Amount of Budget

The government has also approved or sanctioned the amount of the budget keeping in mind the no. Of beneficiaries going to the benefited for the year. An amount of Rs. 698 crores in the form of a budget has been set up by the government for the disbursement of scholarship amounts among the eligible beneficiaries.

Eligible Classes

The lists of eligible classes are as follows:-

Class 6th Class 7th 
Class 8thClass 9th 
Class 10thClass 11th 
Class 12th  

Eligible Degrees or Courses

The following degrees or courses will be considered eligible to apply online:-

  • UG Degrees
  • PG Degrees
  • ITI Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses

Pudhumai Penn Scheme Scholarship Amount

The girl students from Tamilnadu state will be offered or given the scholarship amounts each month or on the basis of monthly transferral. Each eligible girl student will be given a scholarship amount of Rs. 1,000/-. The mode of DBT will be used for providing the scholarship amounts which will reduce the issues of corruption operations.

TN Pudhumai Penn Scheme Last Date

As the last date to apply online for this scholarship has been launched, now the students can apply online before the last date. The last date for online form submission will be 31st December 6th March 2024 by which the students can apply online. After getting online registration on time, the students will get rid of server-hanging issues.

Enrlagement of GER

With the help of this scheme, the government of Tamilnadu will make some improvements for increasing and improving the structure of the Gross Enrollment Ratio among the girl students. Girls will be able to aspire to their dreams of pursuing a higher course of studies after getting the scholarships. This will also create an atmosphere enabling poverty-stricken families to develop further.

Reduction In Dropout Rates

With the enrollment of girls in government schools and higher educational institutes, the dropout rates among the girl students will get decreased and the girls will get equal participation in educational sources despite being getting marriage further. This will also increase, upgrade or upgrade the literacy rate of TN state further.

Benefits of TN Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2024 

The benefits of this scheme are as follows:-

  • The GER among girls will get improved and upgraded.
  • Parents of girl child students will be able to admit their daughters to government schools.
  • Each eligible girl student will be offered financial assistance of Rs. 1000/- each month.
  • There will be a reduction in dropout rates with the help of the Pudhumai Penn Scheme.
  • Around 6 lakhs of female students will be given the benefits.
  • The girls will not get forced to marry further.
  • Under this scheme, women are eligible for loans at subsidized interest rates to start their own businesses or expand existing ones.
  • This financial support helps women become financially independent and boosts their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • It offers various training programs and workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge in different fields. These programs not only equip women with the necessary skills but also increase their employability, enabling them to secure better job opportunities.
  • The scheme also emphasizes the importance of women’s health and sanitation. It provides access to healthcare facilities, including regular check-ups, vaccinations, and reproductive health services.
  • Additionally, the scheme promotes awareness about menstrual hygiene and provides sanitary napkins to women, ensuring their overall well-being.

Features of Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2024 

The features of this scheme are as follows:-

  • The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu state named M.K. Stalin has launched the TN Pudhumai Penn Scheme.
  • This scholarship will only be provided to the girl students residing in the Tamilnadu state.
  • The girl students of classes from 6th to 12th and further courses or degrees will be given scholarships.
  • The scholarship amount of Rs. 1,000/- per month.
  • Each year, 6 lakhs of female students will be awarded scholarships.
  • Budget amount of Rs. 698 crores has been sanctioned by the government.
  • Under this scheme, women are provided with financial assistance to start their own businesses or to expand existing ones. This financial support plays a crucial role in empowering women economically and enabling them to become self-reliant.
  • This scheme focuses on skill development and provides training programs to women in various fields. These programs help women acquire new skills and enhance their existing ones, making them more employable and increasing their chances of finding better job opportunities.
  • The scheme also offers educational support to women, particularly those from marginalized communities. It provides scholarships and grants to help women pursue higher education and achieve their academic goals.
  • Another significant feature of this scheme is the provision of legal aid to women. It aims to protect women’s rights and provide them with legal assistance in case of any violations or injustices. This ensures that women have access to justice and can seek legal recourse if needed.

Pudhumai Penn Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The students will need to possess the mentioned below eligibility criteria for getting an online registration under this scholarship:-

  • The applicant must be a Tamilnadu Resident holding citizenship of India.
  • The applicant must be a girl student.
  • She must be studying in classes from 6th to 12th.
  • Girls pursuing UG, PG, Diploma and ITI Courses will also be given the scholarships.

Important Documents

Some of the important documents need to apply online for this scholarship are as follows:-

  • Aadhar Card  
  • Voter Card ID
  • Residence Proof
  • Parents Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Parental Annual Income Certificate

Process To Apply Online Under Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2024 

As this scholarship has been recently launched no such information has been received regarding the application procedure to apply online under the Pudhumai Penn Scheme, as soon as any information will be launched regarding the application procedure, we will update you through this article, otherwise, the applicant can visit the Official Website.

Process To Apply Online Under Pudhumai Penn Scheme 

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