Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2024: Application Form, Eligibility, All Details

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The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship has been launched by the European Country to offer scholarship aid to students participating in the nationals and Erasmus program. This scheme aims to assist students pursuing their Master’s degree in a European country by offering them financial support. Eligible students will receive their scholarships in two equal instalments.

Today through this article we will provide you with all types of information about the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2024 like Purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features and important Documents etc. Apart from this, we will share with you the process of applying online for this scholarship. To get complete information about this scholarship initiative, read this article till the end.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2024

Both EU and non-EU students can apply online for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to receive funds in EUR currency. It enables enrollment in Erasmus Mundus master’s programs or joint Ph.D. degrees at European Universities. Scholarship amounts vary based on students’ citizenship. The last date to apply online will be updated soon.

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program offers MA and Ph.D. degrees at European Universities via online application. Eligible students from EEA and non-EEA countries can apply. EEA students receive EUR 9000, and non-EEA students EUR 18,000 scholarships. Students will be advised or urged the same to visit the official website to look for genuine information.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: Application Form, Eligibility, All Details

Highlights Of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Scheme 

The highlights of this scholarship are as follows: –

Name Of The ScholarshipErasmus Mundus Scholarship 
Known As Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Scheme 
Launched ByEuropean Commission
Allocated portalEMGS Portal 
ObjectiveTo provide financial assistance for pursuing PG studies in the European Country 
Benefit Students of other countries and nationals of the Erasmus+ program will be able to pursue their MA degree 
Applicable To Citizens of Europe and others 
Beneficiaries Students pursuing MA & PhD Degree
Eligible DegreesPG Degree & PhD Degree
Mode Of TransferDBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanisme-payment mechanism (PFMS System)
Form of BenefitScholarship amount 
Conduction University BodyErasmus Programme 
Amount of benefitEuro 1,000/- per month 
No of instalments 2 Installments 
Tenure of Scholarship2 Years 
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Mode Of ApplicationOnline 
Last Date To Apply Online16th February 2023
Office AddressGlobal and European Studies Institute
Leipzig University
104105 Leipzig
Telephone number+49 341 9730230
Email Id

Objectives Of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 

The primary objective of launching the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is to provide variable scholarship amounts to students for pursuing PG and PhD degrees on the basis of the country to which they belong. Each student or beneficiary will be given a variable scholarship amount on the basis of citizenship undertaken by them such as in EEA and non-EEA countries.

Another objective of launching the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is to provide financial assistance of EUR 1,000 each month so that they will be able to reside and stay in the European Country to impart education. Health Insurance Coverage will also be provided to the students for 24 months (2 years). The students can apply online before the last date.

Central Govt Scholarships

Eligible Degrees

The lists of eligible degrees are as follows:-

  • PG Degree
  • Ph.D. Degree

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount provided to each student on the basis of citizenship is as follows:-

  • EEA Student = EUR 9,000/-
  • Non-EEA Student = EUR 18,000/-

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Duration

The students will be able to get or receive the scholarship amounts on the basis of duration that has been fixed by the selection body which will need to be bound by the students or beneficiaries going to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship tenure or duration will consist of 2 years carrying out 24 months.

Eligible Countries

The following countries will be considered eligible for applying:-

Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic
 Denmark Germany Estonia
 Ireland Greece Spain
 France Croatia Italy
 Cyprus Latvia Lithuania
 Luxembourg Hungary Malta
 Netherlands Austria Poland
 Portugal Romania Slovenia
 Slovakia Finland Sweden
North MacedoniaSerbia Iceland 
LiechtensteinNorway Turkey

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Coverage 

The scholarship amount provided to the student will cover the following terms & conditions:- 

  • Monthly allowance for living costs
  • Travel Allowance 
  • Installation Allowance 
  • Health Insurance Coverage or Allowance 

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Transmission Procedure 

The procedure of scholarship amount transmission will be based on the installment which will be adopted by the Erasmus + programme for providing the scholarship amount to the student. The scholarship amount will be provided to the student in 2 equal installments. Scholarships will be given to the student for 2 years (24 Months).

Facilitation Of Cooperation 

This scholarship will be provided to the students which will emphasize fostering cooperation between the higher education institutions with the academic staff in both Europe and Third Countries so that poles of excellence will be created and human resources will be provided to both nationals for getting educational opportunities. 

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Selection Procedure 

Students or eligible beneficiaries will be selected on a yearly basis by the EACEA agency for a scholarship amount. In case of a limited number of scholarships, scholarships will be provided to only the best-ranking students in the section of TRIBOS+ which will be fully conducted as per the EACEA Scholarship Rules. 

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Implementing Bodies

The implementing bodies of this scholarship are as follows:-

  • European Commission
  • European Commission’s European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
  • SALTO Resource Centres
  • SALTO Digital Resource Centre
  • National Erasmus+ Offices
  • National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARIC)

List Of Covered Universities 

The list covered universities for providing scholarships are as follows:- 

Dalhousie University (Canada)Stellenbosch University (South Africa)Leipzig University
Macquarie University (Australia)Fudan University (China)University of Vienna
University of California, Santa Barbara (USA)Jawaharlal Nehru University (India)University of Wrocław
Ghent UniversityAddis Ababa UniversityRoskilde University

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Last Date

Since this scholarship is new, there’s no information yet on the deadline for application. The authorities haven’t announced the last date or enrollment details. Students applying for this scholarship need to wait for further updates. Keep an eye out for announcements from the scholarship committee.

Promoting Global Education Opportunities

Awarding scholarships to students from both EU and non-EU countries for pursuing MA and PhD degrees holds significant importance in promoting global education opportunities. It ensures that talented individuals, regardless of their nationality, can access higher education on an international scale. This fosters diversity, enriches academic environments, and facilitates cross-cultural learning experiences.

Enhancing Educational Collaboration

Scholarships that bridge the gap between EU and non-EU students contribute to enhancing educational collaboration. By encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to study together, institutions facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and perspectives. This collaborative environment not only benefits individual scholars but also promotes international cooperation in research and academia.

Fostering Research & Innovation

MA and PhD degrees are integral to research and innovation. Scholarships for students from EU and non-EU countries foster research excellence by attracting bright minds from different regions. This results in a broader spectrum of research ideas, methodologies, and solutions, contributing to advancements in various fields and addressing global challenges.

Creating Global Leaders

Scholarships for MA and PhD studies empower students to become future leaders and experts in their respective fields. By supporting their education, these scholarships nurture talent and potential, enabling students to make meaningful contributions to their societies, whether in the EU or their home countries. This investment in human capital contributes to global progress and development.

Ensuring Equitable Access 

Scholarships for students pursuing MA and PhD degrees across borders ensure equitable access to education. They break down financial barriers and create opportunities for individuals who may not have had the means to pursue advanced degrees otherwise. This aligns with the principles of fairness and equal opportunity in education.

Benefits Of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Scheme 2024 

The benefits of this scholarship are as follows:- 

  • Meritorious students will be able to pursue their further studies in European countries after getting a scholarship amount.
  • Best-ranking students will be given scholarships in case of the limited number of scholarship quotas under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.
  • This will emphasize providing training to future career-oriented students. 
  • Students will be prepared for global studies while dealing with global phenomena. 
  • Both the citizens of Europe and the citizens of other countries will be considered eligible for a scholarship amount. 
  • Students will be given the scholarship amounts for the duration of 2 years consisting of 24 months.
  • Instalments will be used for transferring the scholarship amounts.
  • The scholarship amounts provided to the students will cover the major allowances.
  • The students can apply online under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship before the last date.
  • Students can fetch more information provided on the official website.

Features Of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2024 

The features of this scholarship are as follows:- 

  • The European Commission has launched the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Scheme.
  • Scholarships will be provided to students for pursuing their MA or PG studies from the European country’s empanelled universities. 
  • This scholarship will be given to students residing in EEA & Non-EEA countries.
  • This scholarship amount will cover the major allowances such as living allowance, travelling allowances and others.
  • There are around 6 bodies delegated with the task of carrying out implementing this scholarship.
  • A scholarship amount of EUR 9,000/- will be given to the EEA countries.
  • Students of non-EEA countries will be given the scholarship amount of EUR 18,000/-.
  • The duration of the scholarship will be 2 years which will be given to the students in equal 2 installments.
  • The students will need to apply online under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship before the last date to get timely registration.
  • For getting more information, one can visit the official website.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 

The applicants will need to possess the mentioned-below eligibility criteria for registration under this scholarship:- 

  • Students from both European countries and other countries will be considered eligible for scholarships.
  • Students getting this scholarship in the previous session will not be given a scholarship amount. 
  • No more than 25% of the total number of scholarships available will be awarded to program-country students.
  • A monthly allowance will be given for 3 months to the students from the partner countries for the EMJMD Periods. 

Important Documents 

Some of the important documents to apply online under this scholarship are as follows:-

  • CV or Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Motivation Letter

Process To Apply Online Under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2024 

The applicants will need to follow the mentioned below points for getting registration under this scholarship:- 

Process To Apply Online Under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 
  • Now you will get land on the homepage. 
  • Click on the drop-down menu to Admission. 
  • Now click on the Application option.
  • Then click on the link to the Application Document.
Process To Apply Online Under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 
  • Now the relevant details will be shown on your current page. 
  • Click on the link here under the section How To Apply?
Process To Apply Online Under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 
Process To Apply Online Under Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 
  • A new page will be displayed on your screen where you will need to enter your details for creating a new login user ID such as:-
    • First Name
    • Last Name 
    • DOB
    • Place of Birth 
    • Email
  • Now click on the Next button.
  • After that follow the shown columns and forms by entering the relevant details. 
  • Now click on the Application Tab.
  • After that click on the Find Courses button.
  • Choose global studies under Subject and then click on the Search Button.
  • Now place a check for the program. 
  • Then click on the Apply button.
  • You will need to upload all the relevant documents of the required sizes. 
  • Now submit the application by clicking on the OK button.

Getting Contact Details 

The applicants will need to follow the mentioned below points to get contact details on the portal:- 

  • The applicant will need first to visit the official website.
  • Now you will get land on the homepage.
  • Click on the drop-down menu to Contact & FAQ then click on the link to EGMS Office.
Getting Contact Details 
  • Contact details will be shown on your screen. 

Contact Information 

In case any queries and questions come to your mind regarding the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, then you may contact these mentioned below office address, telephone number and email ID:-

  • Office Address:- 
    • Global and European Studies Institute
    • Leipzig University
    • Emil-Fuchs-Str. 1
    • 04105 Leipzig
    • Germany
  • Telephone Number:- +49 341 9730230
  • Email Id:-

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