Amma Vodi Scheme 2024: Check New Eligibility Criteria & Amma Vodi List

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The Amma Vodi Scheme, launched by the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is a welfare program providing financial support to mothers or guardians of school-enrolled children. It aims to promote learning and reduce the state’s student dropout rate. This scheme will only be applicable to the residents of Andhra Pradesh who are the natives.

This article will provide you with all types of information about the Amma Vodi Scheme 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, important documents, etc. Apart from this, we will share the process to apply online for this scheme. To get complete information about this scheme, read this article till the end.

Amma Vodi Scheme 

The Amma Vodi Scheme, initiated by Andhra Pradesh, provides financial aid to mothers or guardians of school-enrolled children. It aims to reduce student dropout rates and promote education. Eligible beneficiaries can apply before the specified deadline to receive the scholarship amount. The applicants can apply online before the last date.

The Andhra Pradesh government, led by Chief Minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy, introduced the Amma Vodi Scheme (Scholarship). It offers monetary aid to poor mothers, enabling them to educate their children and break free from poverty. This year, 43 lakh mothers will receive financial assistance under this scheme. It’s available for students from Class 1 to Class 12 in government or private schools.

Amma Vodi Scheme: New Eligibility Criteria, Check Amma Vodi List

Highlights of Amma Vodi Scheme 2024

The highlights of this scheme are as follows:- 

Name Of The Scheme Amma Vodi Scheme
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Information Technology and IT
ObjectiveTo encourage parents to enrol their children in schools
BenefitThis will recognise the role of mothers or guardians in a child’s education
Applicable toCitizens of Andhra Pradesh
Beneficiary CategorySchool Going Children
Mode of TransferDBT
Payment MechanismPFMS
Form of BenefitScholarships
Cash Prize AmountVaries
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Transferrable TypeAs Per Guidelines
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Office Address4th Floor, B block, 
Bhimaraju Gutta, 
Andhra Pradesh 521456
Phone No0866 288 3941

Objectives of Amma Vodi Scheme 2024

The Amma Vodi Scheme has several key objectives:-

  • Increasing school enrollment rates: By providing financial assistance, the scheme aims to encourage parents to enroll their children in schools and reduce the dropout rate.
  • Improving the quality of education: The scheme intends to enhance the overall quality of education by ensuring that children have access to the necessary resources and facilities.
  • Empowering women: The scheme recognizes the role of mothers or guardians in a child’s education and aims to empower them by providing financial support.
  • Reducing child labour: With increased school enrollment, the scheme aims to curb child labor and provide children with the opportunity to pursue education.
  • Promoting social equity: The scheme focuses on providing equal opportunities to all children, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Beneficiary Category

The Amma Vodi Scheme benefits mothers or guardians of school-going children in Andhra Pradesh. To be eligible for the scheme, the child must be studying in a government school, government-aided school, or a recognized private school. The scheme covers children from classes I to XII, ensuring that students at all levels receive the necessary support to continue their education.

Application Enrollment Last Dates & Selection Procedure

The application enrollment for the Amma Vodi Scheme usually opens in November and continues till December. Eligible beneficiaries can apply by filling out the application form available online or offline at designated centers. The selection of beneficiaries is done based on the eligibility criteria set by the government. The final list of selected beneficiaries is published on the official website of the scheme.

Implementation Procedure & Supervision Body

The implementation of the Amma Vodi Scheme is carried out by the Department of School Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh. The department ensures the smooth execution of the scheme and disburses the financial aid to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts. The supervision and monitoring of the scheme are done at various levels, including district and state-level education authorities.

Financial Support & Increased School Enrollment

The Amma Vodi Scheme provides financial assistance of INR 15,000 per year to mothers or guardians of children studying in government schools, private schools, and junior colleges. This financial support has encouraged more parents to send their children to school, leading to a significant increase in school enrollment rates across the state.

Improved Attendance & Reduced School Dropouts

One of the key objectives of the Amma Vodi Scheme is to improve attendance rates and reduce school dropouts. By incentivizing regular attendance, the scheme has motivated students to attend school regularly. This has not only ensured that children receive a continuous education but has also reduced the number of school dropouts in the state.

Empowering Women & Reducing Financial Burden

The Amma Vodi Scheme has played a crucial role in empowering women. By providing financial support directly to mothers or guardians, the scheme recognizes and empowers the role of women in ensuring their children’s education. This has not only improved the financial status of women but has also reduced the overall financial burden on families, allowing them to invest in other essential needs.

Access to Quality Education & Improved Performance

The scheme has paved the way for equal opportunities in education by providing financial support to children studying in both government and private schools. This has ensured that students from all backgrounds have access to quality education. With improved financial resources, schools have been able to enhance infrastructure, hire qualified teachers, and provide better learning materials, resulting in improved academic performance of students.

Social Welfare & Equal Opportunities

The Amma Vodi Scheme is a significant step towards achieving social welfare and equal opportunities for all. By providing financial assistance to mothers or guardians, the scheme ensures that children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds have an equal chance to receive a quality education. This not only promotes social equality but also creates a level playing field for all students, regardless of their economic status.

Key Guidelines of the Amma Vodi Scheme

The key guidelines for this scheme are as follows:-

  • The scheme applies only to children studying in government schools, government-aided schools, or recognized private schools.
  • The beneficiary should be the mother or guardian of the child.
  • The financial assistance of Rs. 15,000 is provided annually.
  • The aid is directly credited to the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • The scheme covers children from classes I to XII.
  • The beneficiary should ensure regular attendance of the child in school.
  • The scheme applies to all children, irrespective of their caste, religion, or gender.
  • The scheme aims to cover all eligible beneficiaries in a phased manner.
  • The beneficiary should possess a valid Aadhaar card.
  • The scheme is subject to periodic review and evaluation to ensure its effectiveness.

Benefits of Amma Vodi Scheme 2024

The benefits of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Financial Support: Under this scheme, eligible mothers or guardians receive a financial assistance of Rs. 15,000 per year for each child studying in government schools or aided private schools.
  • Increased School Enrollment: The scheme encourages parents to send their children to school by providing them with financial support, leading to increased enrollment rates and reduced drop-out rates.
  • Improved Attendance: The Amma Vodi Scheme incentivizes regular school attendance by rewarding mothers or guardians with financial assistance, ensuring that children do not miss out on their education.
  • Empowering Women: By directly providing financial assistance to mothers or guardians, the scheme empowers women and recognizes their role in ensuring the education of their children.
  • Reduced Financial Burden: The financial assistance provided through the scheme helps alleviate the financial burden on families, enabling them to meet the educational expenses of their children.
  • Access to Quality Education: The scheme promotes access to quality education by supporting children studying in government schools or aided private schools, ensuring that they receive a good education.
  • Improved Performance: With increased support and resources, students under the Amma Vodi Scheme are likely to perform better academically, leading to improved overall educational outcomes.
  • Equal Opportunities: The scheme aims to provide equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their socio-economic background, by bridging the gap between privileged and underprivileged students.
  • Reduced School Dropouts: By providing financial assistance to mothers or guardians, the Amma Vodi Scheme helps reduce the number of school dropouts, ensuring that children complete their education.
  • Social Welfare: The scheme contributes to the overall social welfare of the community by promoting education and empowering families to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Features Of Amma Vodi Scheme 2024

The features of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Financial Assistance: Provides Rs. 15,000 per year to mothers or guardians for their children’s education.
  • Direct Benefit Transfer: Ensures transparency and eliminates intermediaries through direct bank transfers.
  • Inclusive Approach: Covers students from Class I to XII in government, private, and residential schools.
  • No Income Limit: This makes it accessible to a wider range of beneficiaries compared to income-based schemes.
  • Recognition of Schools: Acknowledges the importance of quality education regardless of the institution type.
  • Timely Disbursement: Guarantees financial aid is received on time for educational expenses.
  • Empowering Mothers: Aims to empower mothers and encourage their active role in children’s education.
  • Awareness Programs: Ensures eligible beneficiaries are aware of the scheme and its benefits.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuously monitors and improves the scheme for effectiveness.
  • Significant Impact: Promotes education and empowers mothers in Andhra Pradesh, enabling children to pursue their aspirations.

Amma Vodi Scheme Eligibility Criteria 

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online for this scheme:-

  • The student being considered for the scheme must belong to Andhra Pradesh.
  • The student’s family should fall under the below poverty line category.
  • Family land ownership should not exceed 3 acres or should not have more than 10 acres of fallow land or a total of 10 acres.
  • Monthly family income should not exceed Rs. 10,000 in rural areas and Rs. 12,000 in urban areas.
  • The electricity bill should not surpass 300 units per month, or the cumulative consumption for the last six months should not exceed 1800 units.
  • Exclusions apply to children of government employees and pensioners, and sanitation workers’ children are exempt from this provision.
  • The scheme does not apply if there is a four-wheeler registered in the family’s name, with exceptions for tractors, taxis, and autos.
  • The student should be studying in Class 1st to 12th.
  • The house size should be 1000 sq. ft. in municipalities, with exceptions for houses larger than 1200 sq. ft. in villages.
  • The student should be enrolled in a government or private aided and unaided school or junior college, including residential schools or colleges in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The student must be studying in the academic year 2019-2020.
  • Ineligibility applies to those who have previously paid income tax.
  • The applicant must have at least 75% in the current academic year.
  • Family members of State Government employees are not eligible for this scheme.

Important Documents 

Some of the important documents required to apply online for this scheme are as follows:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Income Certificate 
  • Educational Certificates 
  • Bank Account Details 
  • Latest Passport Size Photos 
  • Mobile No
  • Email ID 

Amma Vodi Scheme Apply Online 2024 

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online:- 

Amma Vodi Scheme Apply Online 2024 
  • Click on “Amma Vodi Application Form” on the home page.
  • Fill in details like name, father/husband name, date of birth, gender, caste, and other required information in the displayed application form.
  • Upload all necessary documents.
  • Verify all entered information.
  • Apply to the nearest government office and upload it to the official Andhra Pradesh Government website.
  • Successful registration will be confirmed.

Beneficiary List or Track Mother Status

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to track status:-

  • Visit the official Amma Vodi scheme website.
  • Click on “Beneficiary List” on the home page.
  • Enter the Mother/Guardian Aadhaar Number and the verification code.
  • The details of the beneficiary will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the “Print” button to obtain a printout of the beneficiary list.

Amma Vodi Login

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to login:-

  • Open the official webpage of the Amma Vodi scholarship scheme.
  • Select the “Amma Vodi Login” option from the homepage.
Amma Vodi Login
  • A list of various districts will be displayed.
  • Choose the desired district.
  • Enter the login details and click on the “Login” option to access your account.

Contact Information

In case of queries and questions come to your mind regarding the Amma Vodi Scheme, then you may contact the below-mentioned office address, phone no and email ID:- 

  • Office Address:- 
    • 4th Floor, B block, 
    • VTPS Rd, 
    • Bhimaraju Gutta, 
    • Ibrahimpatnam, 
    • Andhra Pradesh 521456
  • Phone No:- 0866 288 3941
  • Email ID:-

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